Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin Rejuvenation - and not a skin care product in sight

Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin Rejuvenation - and not a skin care product in sight

A healthy skin care for beautiful skin is about taking care of your skin from the inside. It's less about what skin care products you put on your skin and more about what you do to keep it healthy. Healthy skin will always be beautiful skin.

Ten percent of skin aging is inherent, depending on your genes. Look at your parents: how has their skin gone as they have grown older? They are a good indicator of how to expect your skin to age. Eventually everyone looks older, but a little older earlier than others.

Other factors - extrinsic or lifestyle factors - such as smoking, stress, bad diet and the weather can literally leave their brand in the form of lines, wounds and wrinkles. The good news, however, is that you can take responsibility and choose which ones will affect your skin's aging by being careful not to expose yourself to the sun, never smoke, sleep well, eat healthy and avoid poisons and contaminants.

Skin Care Tips 1 - Protect the skin from the sun

Up to 80 percent of premature aging is caused by overexposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays: a completely preventable source of aging. Sun damage causes collagen and elastin to degenerate, causing skin to skin and wearing a leather-like appearance and texture, age spots develop and coarse wrinkles and broken blood vessels occur on the skin surface.

Sun damage over the years can develop into skin cancer, which may be invisible for 20 years or more. For all these reasons, it is important to protect your skin, especially the skin on your face, with a sunscreen that contains a minimum sunscreen factor of 15 (SPF15). (Note that because of the way sunscreen works, it is never necessary to use a higher factor than SPF30, regardless of the conditions.)

Skin Care Tips 2 - Stop Smoking

In addition to polluting your body with thousands of toxins, smoking takes its toll on the skin. As a result, aging ages poorly. Smoking promotes the formation of free radicals in the body, which affects skin renewal at the cellular level, as well as restricting circulation to many parts of the body, thus starving the skin of the vital oxygen and nutrients needed for a healthy skin.

Many smokers develop lines that run from their mouth to the nose and have hollow cheeks from the inhalation movement. If it is not enough to prevent you from smoking, the fact that it also discolours skin, hair and nails may be.

Skin Care Tips 3 - Keep clear of toxins

Toxins present in contaminated air, drugs, pesticides, food and food additives and chemicals are eliminated from the body through the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Good skin is due to fresh blood coming to dermis and filtering toxic waste. An inadequate blood supply or high blood in toxins or accumulated waste undermines and overloads our systems. The skin then becomes a dump site for excesses of unfiltered toxins, which produce free radicals. As a result of toxic overload, we often see deep furrows between eyes and puffy eye bags. But the solution lies in your hands: Remove toxins in the first place, increase your circulation and detoxify your body.

Skin Care Tips 4 - Have a good night's sleep

We need beauty so that our faces and bodies can relax and take stress. Go to bed with a clean face for eight hours of sleep to give your skin cells the chance to regenerate. A lack of refreshing sleep or some form of sleep deprivation appears like handsome eyelids, bags under the eyes and dark eyelids, along with a pale skin. Keep your bedroom well ventilated and not too dry, otherwise your skin moisture will evaporate during the night, giving you dry skin.

Our current understanding of our cellular cellular structure is so advanced that it is possible to restore the clock to the aging process without resorting to costly skin care products or skin treatments. By following a natural skin care every day, you can really help your skin to maintain its youthful appearance. Natural skin care is about working with the skin so that it looks good on the inside, instead of covering it with cosmetics that only affect your external appearance.

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